Silver Jewelry Trends Mark Their Entry in Unusual Ways, Know It Here

There is a lot to know and learn about the silver jewelry trends that keep on taking new transformations with each season, spring, winter and summer. The trends keep moving and changing with season and now the chains and hoops can be considered to continue for the next year 2018 spring. But, considering the jewelry, silver has taken the lead than the gold shining material. It is not that gold has less demand; the fact is that this shining yellow metal is expensive. On the other hand, the silver jewelry looks trendy and now it is coming in the best of the fashion styles.

The New York fashion street also has shown a great interest in the silver jewelry and therefore it is seen in many celebrities and elite class people also looking for silver jewelry latest trend. To begin with:

Hoop earrings

This is the popular model and is now in the fashion trend. These come in large circular shape and there are different decorations to meet each individuals taste. It is noticed that this year has opted to this trend and has accepted a small variation such that it appears versatile that it looks appropriate for the office goers and the street style. This style is actually borrowed from the ancient nations and different tribes. The earrings with long hanging is also an inherited fashion and this year during occasions the chandelier earrings studded with shimmering stones are considered to make a perfect complement for events and it also goes in perfect combination with luxurious evening dress. The earrings versions in silver also looks more accurate and suits even it is pearl studded or comes with pearl studs. They do look elegant, stylish and actual.


The next to follow in silver jewelry after the hoop earrings are the bracelets. This is an all time favorite and is regarded to be a part of the fashion. 2017 women’s bracelets are mainly in silver metal. However, this trend is intertwined closely with winter bracelets where these bracelets have the basic material as leather. The bracelets with chains, crystals and thinned-threads with beads highlight this year fashion trend. The handmade bracelets are also not out of the fashion trend list.

Other jewelry trends

  • Rings in gold boho have made their way towards new trend with crystals and stones studded. The focus is that it comes in unusual geometric shape and in massive sizes. The rings original sets used to be for 4 or 5 fingers, but now it is being replaced with elegant thin rings set. However, there are the large models also to simulate the same effect of gold in silver jewelry.
  • Now the trend finds sunglasses to be some jewelry kind and it is not coming as a shock that even the eyewear from Dolce & Gabbana feature silver cushnie and have rhinestones decorated. 2017 can see a futuristic shape taking in an unusual style with sunglasses featuring silver in literal sense. It will look chic.

Popular Asian Fashion A Growing Market

With the ever-growing popularity of the internet, access to different clothing is easier than ever for the average consumer. One area that continues to spread globally, previously rarely seen in the West, is Asian fashion. The vibrant and varied colours and styles of Asia have developed a keen international market, particularly those fashions coming from Korea and Japan.

Japan and Korea lead the way in spreading Asian fashion to the rest of the world because of the rapid adoption of cutting edge technology in these countries. Always eager to adopt modern technology, Japanese and Korean markets similarly aim to enjoy the most modern fashion trends. Japanese and Korean clothing is some of the most forward-thinking in the world.

Origins of Asian Fashion

The forward-thinking styles come from a history of eager adaptation to modernity in these countries, and the unique styles of modern Asian fashion actually have their roots in 19th Century attitudes. After Japan was first opened to the West, Japanese fashion combined the trends and styles of foreign labels and markets with traditional culture and trends, an attitude which continues today. Often this clothing is homemade with customisation added by the wearer. These highly adaptable styles of clothing are often referred to as Japanese Street Fashion, and are now chronicled by a number of websites.

Influence of Japanese Fashion

Much of the Asian fashion you will find on such websites stems from Japan, where many different styles of clothing exist. Street fashion includes such styles as Lolita (looking like a young girl), Gyaru (girly-glam) and Bosozoku (inspired by manga and anime). Recent trends have leant towards doll-like and fantasy elements being introduced, for instance dolly kei and fairy kei fashions, whilst Japanese hip-hop is also increasingly influential.

The immediate influence of these various Japanese street fashion styles is felt in China, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The West Coast of the United States is also receptive to the trends. As a result, these surrounding countries share many similar styles and trends, though in the nature of street fashion they are suitably adaptive. In Hong Kong, for instance, where business is paramount, styles tend to be more conservative.

In addition to these more locally influenced countries, Asian fashion is increasingly popular on the global market. Famed Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, founder of brand Comme des Garcons, has played a large role in the fashion industry since the 80s, and worked with the likes of Louis Vuitton and high-street retailers H&M. In addition, easy access to Asian media, such as films and anime, has made Asian fashion more popular in Western society.

What makes Asian fashion so popular is the sheer originality of the designs. Consumers are encouraged to customise their own clothing, and as a result outfits can look incredibly diverse. Asian clothing has potential for a lot of personality, with each sub-category relating to certain principles. These fashions instantly make a wearer part of an identifiable movement. For instance, cult kei, another modern style, uses a range of distinctive religious iconography.

Asian Clothing Online

Another reason Asian fashion is so popular is that online markets makes it easy to acquire for consumers all over the world. Bidding sites such as eBay are heavily populated by international sellers giving access to new trends and original designs. A quick online search for Asian fashion, Korean Fashion, Japanese fashion will bring you directly to trending markets. By shopping for these fashions online, you can be sure to be at the forefront of emerging styles, at affordable prices. User reviews are abundant to ensure that you buy quality products, so even when ordering from halfway around world you can be sure of a good deal.

You can also gain access to ever-evolving original designs by visiting custom online markets where users from all over the world design their own clothing to sell. Beyond purchasing clothing, the internet allows users to critique designs, comment on each others’ clothing and increasingly share and combine their fashions.

Lip Rings: A Fashion Statement for Today’s Youth

In recent years, fashion and fashion statement has got many new aspects. With the ever-increasing new concepts and dimensions in fashion world, today’s generation is accepting appealing fashion styles to be a part of mainstream. One of such most popular trend in today’s youth is wearing lip rings. It not only represents a fashion statement but is also a way to express independence and attitude.

Amazingly, trend of wearing lip jewelry is taking on storms in both men and women equally because perhaps, wearing lip ring goes with the fashion, lust and pleasure together. There are numerous styles and designs of lip rings available to fulfill the desire of extremely choosy youth. Many sport stars, fashion divas, film star and glamorous style icons are presenting forward the fashion of lip piercing. Lip ring types vary with respect to piercing location. Usually, a traditional lip ring gets on the bottom lip but when it comes to studs, they are well suited on the side of the lower or upper lips. ‘Bites’ are also famous among youth which means wearing two or more rings in a specific way.

As far as the lip ring’s material is concerned, it can be any of several materials but it is important that the lip stud or ring is made of superior grade material like gold, platinum, surgical steel or any AAP (Association of Professional Piercers) approved materials. Quality material lip rings decorated with diamonds, sparkles, different colours, shapes, and designs are rocking today. The trend of lip piercing is growing rapidly all over the world. They definitely make an inviting fashion statement. Quality material costs a bit more but it is certainly worth it for hygiene and health.

Getting a lip pierced is not a casual decision because it comes with the probable risk factors of health and hygiene. It may cause an infection and may take time to heal completely. It comes along with the restrictions of performing some activities which can be done otherwise easily. Some jewellery types and shapes may cause damage to teeth and gums. So it is necessary to take extra care of dental and overall oral health in order to avoid unwanted irritation, deterioration and pain. Getting lips pierced is something that remains permanent. It is always advisable to take an expert’s opinion and those who wear lip studs or rings. With proper care and selection of rings, this fashion beats many fashion trends undoubtedly.